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The ever-pressing question facing us is what can we offer to companies?

But before you answer, you should know what your needs are

Do you need to provide your employees with comprehensive medical insurance programs?

Are you considering extending the insurance umbrella to include their families

Do you want to increase their health awareness?

Or do you need someone who does professional testing for your employees and staff

It is many questions that occupy the professional and intelligent departments that are interested in raising the efficiency of the employees who work in them and work to increase their membership which is definitely due to raising production rates

 But these questions are expensive on the other hand as they raise the financial burden on those companies, which makes them reluctant to make a decision and whichever is desirable

So we at Cloud Medical Marketing Solutions have studied these needs well and designed for you some precise and distinct programs, for example

Cash health care program for workers and their families

This program depends on providing the financial burden on the employer and providing excellent service for the employee and the worker for the following reasons

The cost of the card is cheap and inexpensive. The employee can not afford it. The medical network covers all the governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt and includes hospitals, specialized medical centers, doctors in all specialties, optics centers, dental centers, medical supplies, health clubs.

easy to use

It gives the holder huge discounts within the medical network and in any province without restriction

A mobile phone program is designed to show the holder the nearest service location and how to benefit from the service and the discount rate granted to him

There is also a customer service that operates all day round the week

Comprehensive Medical Insurance Program

Because we know well what is taking care of you on the part of employees who work for you and you are the type that wants to follow the quality of service itself and how to provide and do not concern the financial burden for you We have participated with the largest international and local medical insurance companies to provide you the best service and the best price and everything you need to Contact us to send you one of our senior employees to know you and the owner of your company and get you accurate information to provide the best insurance offers for your employees

Program of professional examination of workers and employees

Now you can create your own hospital inside your factory and company where we are in this program to provide you with the following

(Regular mobile radiation) to conduct regular radiation tests for workers and employees within your plant and company and delivery of medical reports also

(Lab) to take medical samples of employees within the company or plant and delivery of medical reports and results

(Specialist doctors) Provide the doctors you need for a professional examination at your factory

Medical Awareness and Occupational Risk Program

There is no doubt that if you are aware of the importance of increasing awareness of your employees to reduce human and material losses and to raise production and improve quality, we at Claude Medical Marketing Solutions offer you a unique awareness raising program by consulting doctors and industry experts through short and focused lectures

Industrial protection program and how to avoid accidents includes

Sound methods at work - Accidents expected - How to cope with accidents - Emergency situations and how to cope with them

Chronic disease program includes

What to avoid - the right methods of treatment - what to do in emergencies

Comprehensive medical examination program includes

A medical day for workers where pressure and sugar are measured and medical advice is given to patients

Finally, we at Cloud Medical Marketing Solutions are looking for help and support. Just contact us and you will find us near you.

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