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Medical Search Engine Optimization that Drives Traffic to Your Website — and Patients to Your Door


It doesn’t matter how professional and attractive your website is if patients can’t find you.


Here is the cold truth: The top 5 to 10 listings in any search get 90% of the visits. If your website is not there, you are essentially in an Internet “Siberia.”


Even worse, it’s likely your website has many flaws that actually decrease the likelihood of your site ever getting to the top, thereby preventing potential patients from finding you.


The good news is that our search engine optimization services and strategies can help get you to the top of page one.


Designed especially for hospitals and practices, our SEO strategies can move your site to the top of search engines like Google and Bing.


Chances are you found us through an Internet search. If you searched for something as broad as “healthcare marketing,” your search returned more than 19 million results. And yet we were right up there at the top. Why? Because we used the right search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and techniques to get us there and, more importantly, keep us there.


Now think what our SEO strategies can do for your medical website. And we’re not just talking about a search for your company or practice but, rather, almost any relevant search related to your services. That’s because most people searching for your services won’t be starting with the name of your healthcare organization.


You’ll also find that our unique knowledge of the healthcare industry gives us more insight into how patients search for healthcare than you might find with a person or team optimizing sites for a pet shop one day and a bank the next.




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